5 Key Benefits of Having a Mobile Shelving

Whatever your business industry is, competition among brands gets tighter each day. To be up in the game, it requires modernization or tweaks that will speed up the process of every office work and boost efficiency in the common hurdles encountered by employees on a daily basis. One way to do so is having a […]

5 Reasons to Invest in an Ergonomic Office Chairs

Sitting for hours may seem to be an easy task to others, while for most working professionals it is hell! With the dynamic work environment practices, employees dedicate most of their time sitting on their respective workstations, in no less than 8-hours, to complete multiple urgent deadlines just to meet the company and client expectations. […]

7 Ideal Conference Room Layouts

You can definitely have a brief meeting by just the office workstations, but how about a meeting that must include VIPs? Is your office table enough to accommodate them and their queries? That small area is not an ideal place to hold pivotal decisions. Company decisions in leading a step forward requires a specific area […]

The Importance of Durable Office Cabinets

There is no doubt that digital or cloud storage has changed the game of filing systems in various offices. The convenience it has brought to every workspace is truly remarkable to keep up on the demands of clients and employee productivity. However, an office workstation will never be complete without the presence of the traditional […]

Tips for a Functional Restaurant Interior Design

These days, price-friendly and delectable foods are not the only good deals that are considered for a highly recommended restaurant because your place must also be aesthetically pleasing to attract customers, most especially if your diner is in a secluded area. But is that all you need to satisfy their food leisure habit and to […]

5 Fundamentals in Office Interior Design

Admit it or not, office interiors are an essential asset for strengthening the business’s brand image as it gives a sneak-peak of what the company tradition and culture is. Same goes to scouting for talents, it creates a big impact on their decision making because these job seekers have learned to prioritize their employee well-being […]

3 Ways to Effectively Disinfect Your Office Workstations

While everyone in the office is busy answering phone calls, chasing deadlines and aiming targets, your office workstation is on the hustle accommodating the germs and viruses from all sorts of documents that come in and out. Fact 1: Did you know that an office table can accumulate 400x bacteria compared to a toilet seat? […]

Top 5 Office Partition Ideas in the Workstations

Office interior designs are ever changing, most especially for company brands that are growing through time and one of the common problems encountered by business owners is the lack of space for their employees’ workstations or putting up office innovations like conference rooms for client meetings. This is due to the built-in walls that needs […]

Benefits of Having a Workstation in Your Workplace

Teams gather in meeting rooms or board rooms, but that’s not where the real teamwork takes place. Real collaboration happens at someone’s workstation. Here are the facts to consider! 1. Workstation improve employee’s productivity Having an office workstation with partition, may it be a solid or a glass partition, allows employees to concentrate more on […]

PH’s Modern Office Workstation in a New Normal Setting

With the so-called “New Normal’ brought by the world pandemic today, businesses too have to quickly adapt with the norm of social distance. Companies have accommodated this safety protocol by putting a fixed gap among office workstations, but a better way to attend this matter is to have modern workstations thru office partitions that are […]

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